Yoga Tastes Good


Amidst the busy workday, there is perhaps one hour you may find for yourself, the lunch hour. You may have time to run errands, or grab a quick bite, or even work through lunch, only to realize you really don’t feel as though you had a break at all.

Take a moment for yourself, to leave all duties and obligations behind, and bring some peace to your workday. Refresh your mind and rejuvenate your spirit with Yoga for lunch. 

I will come to your workplace and deliver the ancient healing art of Yoga. Find your center in a forward bend. Relieve facial tension with the practice of breathing. Discovering your bliss is simply a breath away.

If the end of the workday is a better time for you, I also offer “Happy Hour” Yoga. Whatever your schedule, you will find Yoga Tastes Good at any hour.

For corporate groups or private sessions,

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Tanya Dawn